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UNWIND : Not Another Sleep Product


UNWIND is a new wellness product for living life better. Sleep products use things like melatonin, alcohol, synthetically augmented cannabinoids like CBN (you heard us, synthetically augmented) to help you fall asleep. These types of products leave you groggy in the morning with a sleep hangover and don’t really address the root causes that lead to poor sleep and overall health. Introducing UNWIND, not another sleep aid. Instead UNWIND is a lifestyle product to help you unwind from the stressors of the day and enjoy life more.


Sleeplessness is the number one concern of American’s today, and why wouldn’t it be? Poor sleep negatively impacts performance, health, mental acuity, our work, family lives, emotional well-being, the list goes on. As a result the sleep product industry has exploded as tired people from all walks of life look for ways to get a good nights rest. But the problem is that all of these products are like taking aspirin for a headache that only seems to come on after you smack your head into the wall over and over and over. They all address the issue and not the root cause.

If you went to a doctor, or even a friend with more than a couple brain cells to rub together and informed them you had a recurring headache from smacking your head against the wall it is doubtful that they would recommend another medication to help with the pain. More likely they would look at you with a confused face and then simply say “the headaches would probably stop if you didn’t hit your head against the wall every day, so maybe try that first”. Novel concept, right? Address the root cause. Instead of taking more medications after hitting your head against the wall, stop hitting your head. Yet everyone looking to get a better nights sleep just keeps taking sleep aids. But what causes sleep problems?


It isn’t that the body doesn’t want to sleep, it does. In fact it craves it in order to recharge its batteries. Study after clinical study shows us that good sleep improves cognitive function, physical performance, and overall mental and emotional well-being. So brand after brand puts out the next great sleep product. “Take this and get your best night’s sleep ever” they claim. And it might be true for a while. Yet without addressing the root problem, the banging of the proverbial head on the wall, these sleep products are going to slowly lose their effectiveness. The body will become accustomed to them and one night you are going to find yourself in a familiar place, laying awake smacking your pillow on the verge of tears because you can’t fall asleep. We say stop banging your head on the wall, and we can help.

First let’s understand what causes sleeplessness in adults. While there are many things that can cause sleep issues within adults (too much caffeine before bed, screen time, exercising too late (notice we are not saying exercise, important distinction), even aging the number one culprit of sleeplessness? Stress. To steal a little from the wise words of Yoda (and butcher them a bit so forgive me). Work leads to stress. Stress leads to pain. Pain leads to sleeplessness.


Work is stressful. It can be good stress sometimes, but it is still stressful. Heck, daily life is full of stress as well. As we experience things like stress and anxiety through our day our body releases cortisol as part of our fight or flight response system. While cortisol is an important part of our bodies ability to regulate things like blood pressure, glucose metabolism, immune function and inflammation, there is a point where we get too much of a good thing.

Too much cortisol is released when the body stays in a stress state for extended periods of time. This extended time in stress and exposure to higher levels of cortisol result in decreased bone density and muscle tissue, impaired cognitive function, increased abdominal fat, and increased inflammation in the body. Inflammation throughout the body leads to pain, especially as we age. Our bone density naturally starts to decline. The impact of a youth spent believing we were immortal leaves us with joint issues that feel the impact of inflammation more. This increased pain and discomfort can make it difficult to get comfortable. When our bodies are uncomfortable, our minds react by becoming anxious and concerned. This leads to more stress, more cortisol released and, well you get the picture. Taking another sleep aid may knock you out, but it isn’t dealing with the underlying issue. You need to UNWIND and that is where we come in.


UNWIND is not, I repeat NOT, another sleep product. It isn’t designed to knock you out. UNWIND was formulated to help reduce the effects of the buildup of stress throughout the day. In other words, we are knocking the wall down so you don’t hit your head on it anymore.

UNWIND is created using proven adaptogens, herbs, and organically derived plant-based cannabinoids we grow ourselves to reduce the excess cortisol levels and inflammation that builds up through out the day. UNWIND is meant to be taken in the evening after work so you can enjoy a nice relaxing evening doing whatever it is you love to do, then naturally relaxing into a deep peaceful sleep thanks to a body and mind that feel, well, better.


To get the maximum life benefit out of UNWIND, we recommend combining it with exercise, healthy eating, meditation, yoga, or anything else that brings your body and mind into a better state of being. Can you take UNWIND without doing the above and enjoy the benefits? Of course, but we think taking on a little healthier lifestyle makes any health and wellness product just that much better.

Taking UNWIND is simple. Either one gummy, capsule or drop from a tincture is all you need. Nothing crazy. No “take two gummies three times a day at varying intervals to trick your body etc”. That is just too much. So instead, we put effective dosages of the ingredients found in UNWIND into one simple serving taken in the evening after work. Packing all this epic relief into one serving also makes UNWIND travel friendly for those long work trips, or vacations that sometimes don’t feel like a vacation until the second to the last day.

UNWIND is made from THC free cannabinoids in order to be friendly for anyone looking to enjoy more peace of mind and body.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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